Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Follow Cloud Nine

Many of you out there have expressed an interest in following Cloud Nine's attempt to transit the Northwest Passage over the summer/fall of 2007. While we will not have a daily blog per se, we do have a reliable and interesting way to track us daily through the Arctic. *Note these direct links are on my links page on my website. They are hot, the following need to be pasted into your browser. Ham radio operators run a site that will post our position and daily comments at http://www.winlink.org
When arriving at this website go to position locator and then enter our call sign- nøduy. *Note that this is a zero, not the letter o. Once there, a Google map will come up. Zoom in and out. Another site which we use a lot to get our weather and ice conditions is http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/canada_e.html This site is extensive and has everything you will need to see the same information we have. You can have a lot of fun following us us and learning about the Arctic and its environment at the same time.


Daniele said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, David. You now join 100 million other people "sitting in their underwear, hurling banalities into the Internet"!
On a more serious note, tomorrow is the big day. You are leaving behind many people that are truely concerned with your well-being, safety, and success. If the opportunity presents itself, keep us "posted". Best always, Daniele.

Jeff said...

Bon Voyage Dave! Jeff, Paula and the Dallas Hayes

Lissa said...

Check Out www.winlink.org/positions/PosReportsDetail.aspx?callsign=N0DUY to get the lastest position report for Cloud Nine which as of now is in the fog in somewhere near Prince Edward Island

Anonymous said...

The images from the NW passage are awesome. Just amazing that you did it so quickly. Hope that the wx cooperates for the rest of your journey, didn't look too good from Nomecam! Thinking of you often, and sending best wishes to you and all of the Cloud Nine crew.
Looking forward to your safe return, Love ,B