Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Updates for the Passage

Please follow my updates under the Sailing the Northwest Passage portion of my blog. I will post journal entries as I can. Sitting in St. Anthony, Newfoundland, currently making final preps, stay tuned.


t in santa fe said...

friday, august 3

just heard from david. cloud nine arrived safe and sound in sisimut. the following is an excerpt from his email: "we pulled up a little short in sisimiut, just over the arctic circle. it was nasty out there with lots of fog and wind. very cold. around 38 degrees and really blowing. some ice but not bad. 1100 miles in the passage. some of the worst is over as that was a tough crossing. up to upernivik now and then across to the nw passage in a couple days. looks good. probably 3-5 boats trying it now we know of. one is here in sisimiut also leaving tomorrow. things are good. nice weather here. good photos. this was also our first stop 13 years ago. lots of tourists as the friday ferry is in. i am sitting at the seaman's home, a public place of which there are many along the coast. we are safe, the boat is good, spirits are good, so there is optimism about what is ahead. and we won't be alone as there are others out there. should be interesting. say hello to everyone."

thanks to everyone for your support. i'll post more as i hear from him. t thoreson

Tobias said...

Good luck David! May Cloud Nine lead you safely through those waters!

BT-7 said...

Went to the website today to check your progress. Sounds like some pretty nasty sailing at times. Glad to hear you're getting some good pics.