Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shelter at Nunivak Island

We finally made it about 275 miles south of Nome to Nunivak Island and a safe anchorage, but we have a gale for a few days and it's proving to be difficult out here in the Bering Sea. This undertaking is not over, by any means.

We will be ending our journey from Kodiak after all. Very stormy in Kodiak, but Seward's yard is full for the year and another day's sail from Dutch Harbor. Still 1200 miles to go from here and it looks tough.

For now, we are safe and in a good spot. There is a solo Arctic sailor on a boat named Alpha Wulf next to us who is also going to Dutch Harbor. He is a retired filmmaker who used to film wolves. Our own little pack on the sea...

Thanks to all of you for the support and feedback on Douglas Belkin's great article in the Wall Street Journal. (Heard it also made the paper in Seattle. Please let me know if you found out about Cloud Nine's accomplishment elsewhere.)


Lissa said...

So far I find mention of Cloud Nine's pasage in Wall Street Journal, BBC News America, Anchorage Daily News, The LA Voice, and the following on-line news blogs - Google Science/Environment blog, Ocean Conservation Portal, Climate Ark wesite, The Blue Economy website, Great Lakes Boating Magazine website, and Cruisers Forum.

Lissa said...

As of this morning I've found a few more places on the net where the WSJ article is mentioned, discussed or the video is posted. they are: YouTube with 2,347 views since posting one week ago, scitizen.com and Northern Climate Exchange website.

Sorry you are going to miss the cream can corn party this saturday night, we will all raise a glass for you!!!

See you at your show opening in Algona next Thursday night!!!

Get home safe. Bring photos.