Monday, September 24, 2007

Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Wow! We made it out of the Bering Sea. One low pressure after another has raced through the area, one looked like the "perfect storm" on our weather map. Actually like a bullseye. Cloud Nine sailed from Nunivak Island to the Pribilof Islands to make some south and west against the prevailing winds so a favored south and east route to Dutch Harbor could be taken. This strategy paid off as we ended our anxious sailing with a beautiful run on the first day of autumn into Dutch Harbor after midnight.

Needless to say we are tired and beaten up after 6000 miles of sailing, but we are planning our departure to Kodiak in the next few days. We have storms again and big seas out there, but maybe following seas and westerlies at least. It is easy to see why they film "Deadliest Catch" out here. This is one of the wildest weather areas any of us has ever seen. Weather races through here, but the geography here is spectacular with 7000 foot peaks right out of the sea and lots of activity in the busy fishing seaport.

We've been joking about a new series called the "Deadliest Sailboat," and telling our tales of adventure and where the crew will be next week and which crewmember has what going on and such. Good way to pass long hours on watch. At any rate, we have a great and new respect for the Bering Sea and all those who make their difficult livings and lives in this rugged, remote part of the planet.

One leg left. Will post from Kodiak. I'll try to get more photos up. Thanks all to all of you out there. Cheers, David


bojidoc said...

Enjoy a well earned rest. Beautiful autumn weather awaits your return. Pows

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your post from Dutch harbor. Had a feeling things were pretty rough. Good luck with your final run to Kodiak.
Sending love,

boatswain said...

and brother ira

jtevlin said...

Congratulations. Reporter from the star Tribune would like to talk, email you for a story.


bojidoc said...

Elwin Taylor sends his best to you. he thinks it is cool that Midwestern sailors have set more "first of it's kind" things. Have been watching the weather maps with you. Lots of L's along your path. Glad you aren't doing the commodore thing!!!! In case you haven't checked, Notre Dame is 0-4 and NU played USC much better this year....Don't ask about Ball State!

bojidoc said...

Congratulations on a successful voyage! Fall colors await your return.

workhard said...

Must be a pretty harsh place to live....

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