Monday, October 1, 2007

Completion in Kodiak, Alaska

Cloud Nine sails with a crew of six. From front left to right: Roger Swanson, Gaynelle Templin, and Douglas Finley. Back, left to right: Chris Parkman, Matthew Drillio and David Thoreson.

Monday, October 1, 2007 Kodiak, Alaska

After 73 amazing days and 6640 miles, Cloud Nine and crew pulled alongside the dock in Kodiak and an astounding adventure through the Northwest Passage came to a close.

The Gulf of Alaska passage from Dutch Harbor to Kodiak was a lumpy one to say the least. We had a gale it seemed the whole time and one nasty storm with 70 knots of wind and 20-30 foot seas. At one point in the evening, at the helm, I surfed down the backside of a huge sea at 14 knots with Cloud Nine on a full plane. 26 tons of vessel with the bow beginning to bite. Pitch-pole conditions. I shook from adrenaline for about 30 minutes. But we made it in with everyone doing a great job, as usual.

It is going to take a little time for all of this to sink in, but we are all proud of the achievement, the teamwork, camaraderie, and the performance of the battle-tested sailboat, Cloud Nine. Also, Roger Swanson deserves whatever recognition he receives for being one of the finest captains and mentors in the profession. He’s the best, and never stops, even at 76 years young.

Now is time to re-enter the world again and try to put the travel through the Northwest Passage, climate and cultural issues, and all the images, video and writing to good use. Quite a challenge, but I look forward to sharing thoughts with everyone and the ensuing conversations.

Awesome times ahead and new adventures await. Thanks again to all of you who have followed and encouraged us along the way, and especially those of you who have helped me personally with maintaining while I have been away. Look forward to seeing you soon. For now, this is a weary, but happy sailor signing out from Kodiak.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you are worn out, but you have accomplished so much. Have a good trip home, and hope to talk to you once you are rested.
Love, B

Deidre said...

Congratulations on the completion of this part of the journey! Many great things are to come! Deidre

Lissa said...

Final entry for this only, as, I expect more great things upon your return! Frog and I are loading up and headed out to Algona. Get your ass there asap. Looking forward to it. Are you going to shave?

bojidoc said...

Bravo and kudos to the entire crew. I look forward to sharing some time. 2290-out.

Allison Eklund said...

Congratulations! You're the front-page story in today's Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnnesota. What an amazing adventure.

Gunnar said...

Congrats Dave! Great job! Look forward to hearing your stories...Beware of Kansas State

GollyGee said...


Great photos.

What an adventure.

A couple of years ago I spoke with a Coast Guardsman who made that trip on the icebreaker Storis in 1957, along with a second icebreaker.

They were locked in ice much of the time and had to send helicopters out to seach for leads. The crews had a reunion in the far North a couple of years ago, and like you, they found no ice.

They were flabbergasted.

JBro said...

My name is Jennifer Brookens, and I'm a reporter with the Fairmont Sentinel newspaper. I did an interview with Roger and Gaynelle last winter about their last effort through the Northwest Passage. Needless to say, I'm am very excited for everyone and I hope someone will soon be in touch with us so we can do a story on this exciting accomplishment.
Thank You,
Jennifer Brookens
Fairmont Sentinel
(507) 235-3303

workhard said...

Nice.. Good job done.. all crew members

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